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This game has the capability of visual aspect related to realwrestling that puts the power, intensity, and raw emotion ofwrestling in the palm of your hand. Wrestling for real fighters hasone fighter where you have to smash all those goons which arecoming towards him and smash them by punching them or kicking themby touch where to understand this better let's start by downloadingthe game. The Goons are coming towards the by finding their pathand as there is some wrestler in the market. Let's smash them.Scoring depends upon how much you are going to smash.Score andSmash as much as possible.Download it now for free and enjoy yourtime!!Please email us if you want to see changes to the game. Alsoleave us a great review with 5 stars.Share with your friends andfamily on Facebook and Twitter.Wrestling for Real fighters issupported by Ads.

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    Wrestling for Real fighters
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    June 5, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Mobish Mobile - Mobile Apps and Mobile Games
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Ocean Battle Lite 1.0 APK
Fishes are the new heroes who can prevent the wars. And its onlyyou who can make a tiny fish, large powerful. Discover the fun ofunderwater battle by downloading this game.Hold on to the fish andmake it powerful. A colorful and fun filled game for people of allage group. The sea monsters outnumber the fishes of the ocean. Afish , all alone would fight the sea monsters. You can help thefish to fight. Blow the fish make it swell and powerful. With everyenemy dead , you move to another level to fight more such enemies.An enticing game, which would pursue you to try and try till youmove to another level. No time limits, no limits tochances.Gameplay :As you start the game, you can see the importantinstruction relevant to that level of the game. Just follow theinstructions, and sail smoothly through all the levels. The soundeffects and motion effects increase the excitement to two folds.The colorful oceanic background is a visual delight . No scores, nomatches, the only rule is to fight and win the battle and move tothe next level.Features :- Interactive tutorials and instructions-Colourful graphics- Unusual concept- Free to download.- Multiplelevels to unlock
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This glittering game would enchant you with its shine and fun. Adazzling puzzle game that challenges you to dig for more blitz andkeep the fun flowing unlimited. Move from one level to the next bymatching the jewels in more than three numbers. The more themerrier. Form combos by matching rare jewels and set off marvelouscascades! The more crazy combos you form with these rare jewels atthe right time , you ignite a whole new set of excitement. Gameplay:Big matches, magic boosters, shoot up the scores.This is the gameplan where to blast the board clear and watch your score soarhigher and higher. Match three same kinds of jewels and you make ascore. Matching four or five jewels will give you magic jewels,boosters and blasters. The boosters are the powerful tools thatwould help you score to blossom high. A chance based game where youare challenged to make a definite score within the limited numberof moves. Unlock the levels smoothly, by winning every level. Thegame gets tougher and challenging with each level. Discover theworld of rare jewels like rubies, sapphires, diamonds and many morewith colourful background and equally amazing soundeffects.Features :* Free to download and easy to play* Multiplelevel game* Colourful graphics and background* An epic and mysticalsaga of treasure and discoveries.