1.0 / October 23, 2017
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The life of a superhero is full of dangers and adventures. Superhuman - the main weapon of our species in the fight againstextraterrestrials for survival! Superhero Man: Hero BattleSimulator is a new 3D game in which you can fly, fight supervillains, shoot from super weapons, save civilians and do othercool things in this super game.Everyone knows that the super-herois strong as a torus and fast as a flash, but even he has a specialset of super weapons to fight super-villains. Fly over the citylike a bat. Let your cloak of the super-hero show all the villainswhat awaits them. Look for those who need your help and carry outinteresting missions. Navigate between skyscrapers like a spiderwith a rope. Grab the enemies by web and attack them. Shoot yourweapons as an epic avenger. Destroy the crime in the city. Preventcrime, car theft and police chase.After the technological boom andhundreds of years of progress and prosperity, the natural resourcesof the planet Nibiru began to come to an end. The Communist Partyof United Nibiru, which manages the planet, was forced to seek waysto prevent a global catastrophe. The closest planet, suitable forliving reptilian humanoids was the Earth. Throughout the 20thcentury, United Nibiru sent its best agents to our planet in orderto create a global secret government and influence the heads ofstate. By the beginning of the 21st century, the mass relocation ofreptilians, under the cover of a secret government, was under way.The bulk of people were in the dark, but some began to guess ...You- one of those who could see the present state of affairs, andbesides, by a lucky chance, the owner of super forces and just astylish man!Save your hometown from the invaders!Shoot down theirspaceships, fight with reptilians on the streets, hinder theirslippery plans!Superhero is not afraid of invaders from anotherplanet. He rescues people from extraterrestrials and amuses himselfby shooting from the bazooka. Armies, detachments and legions ofevil lizards want to make revenge and their punishment will beterrible. But the hero has a rope and he pull objects via it.Enemies can fly in the sky over the city, but our hero also knowshow to fly. Space ships land troops in different parts of thevicious criminal city. "Die or fight!" Say monsters bosses fromanother galaxy. A real superhero uses an energy strike that createsa flow similar to magic and destroys the plans of evil enemies.Thestreets are in chaos and war. Bandits have already fled the city,and people have become frantic with horror. There are no rulesanymore, it's a dangerous sport and a fiery puzzle. The fist of thehero is very strong, the enemies fly far away from the blow.Carsthey drive through the streets of the city and here the reallife boils. Realistic destruction of the environment, due to thewar of two reasonable humanoid species.Here you can join the leagueof superheroes. Every super person is fighting in this leagueagainst criminals. If you want to play a superhero right now, thengo ahead! Play the best superhero game- The hero can fly- Uniquecombat system- Firearms- Rope for flight between buildings-Missions with a story and awards- A realistic city with people andcars- Destructive objects- Secret surprises in random places-Convenient map for navigation

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    Superhero Man: Hero Battle Simulator
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    October 23, 2017
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    Россия, город Новосибирск, улица Забалуева 51/4, квартира 25
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