1.0 / June 16, 2017
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Get ready for action filled 3D free to play super stealth spiderwar hero gun shooting game. This game gives you an opportunity toleave a legacy of a sniper shooter. Based in a breathtaking 3Dtrain station environment this game will make you fall in love withgun shooting action games. Face, fight & kill terrorists whohave attacked your city & turned your peaceful city into afrontier, a frontline. Show off your astounding tactical shootingand fighting skills in super spider anti terrorist war. Use yourdistinct powers of demolition and destruction for protection ofyour city. Kill your enemy brutally and defend civilians by usingsupernatural rope and web. Be the only strange super hero mutantspider of your city and let no other one to destroy it.Your citywas attacked by brutal vice terrorists resulting in panic among thecitizens. Military army with the help of special counter terroristforces equipped with modern weapons & guns took action againstthe vice villain terrorists & counter attacked by shooting onthe right time. Terrorists faced heavy retaliation in the form ofgun shooting from the military army special counter terroristforces & took a lot of damage which forced them to escape thebattle & run for their lives. Vice villain terrorists arerunning towards the train station to hijack a train in order toescape. Military army has asked you to help them finish this battle& win this war against the evil terrorists. Use your incrediblespider super mutant strange powers, rope & spider web to defendyour city as the survival of your city depends on it. Military armyspecial forces are looking up to you to put an end to the terrorismonce & for all by killing all the terrorists. To help you withthis special ops mission military army has decided to provide youwith modern weapons & guns. You will face a lot of challengesyou have to defend yourself and your city by using yoursupernatural strange mutant spider powers and survival stealthshooting skills. Combat your enemy with courage & strike hardto kill all the ruthless villain terrorist. Don’t allow the villainantagonist to counter your attacks in order to save your city &to increase the chances of your survival. Remember that your enemyis equipped with modern weapons and guns along with commando snipershooters so expect a lot gun shooting in this special ops mission.Aim and shoot accurately at the right time as the survival of city& your people depends on it. Kill all the vice villainterrorists to restore the peace of your city & to put an end tothe terrorism. By killing them not only will you save your city butwill also emerge as a true hero. Military army is depending on yoursupernatural strange mutant spider skills to win this war so lock& load your modern gun & weapons & jump into the heatof action to prove that you are the best sniper shooter, marksman& rifleman.

App Information Super Spider War hero: Legacy Survival Shooter

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    Super Spider War hero: Legacy Survival Shooter
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    June 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Best Free Games, 2018
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Modern Counter Shot 3D 2.2 APK
Modern Counter Shot is a small sized 19mb crisis shooting actiongame. A combat against modern terrorism in this counter game. As a3d first person commando, you have to regain your country's freedombeing still alive in modern creed 3D combat. In this 3d war game,you need the courage to face the fierce enemies. Arm yourself withcrisis weapons or action machine guns now! It is your modern worldmission to restore peace with your guns. Fight for the future ofyour modern country, however, the mission is, you have to counterall the attacks. Show all the terrorists that you are the 3d firstperson hero of your modern country.Best of Luck!Features:-Real-time strategy- Spectacular graphics- Small file size 19 MB!-Awesome and vivid sound effects.- Fast loading game, very lowwaiting times
Modern Counter Shot 3D V2 2.3 APK
Modern counter V2 is one of the best battle of wargaming with tanksuper blitz environment. Here, you will feel like a hero commanderby eliminating hero gang terrorists in a global war of superwarship. Enjoy the action warship heroes of anti-terrorist firstperson with multiplayer guns including a sniper. The basic theme ofwargaming is to save the sniper city from remaining tank counterblitz terrorists by using your weapons including a sniper. You justneed to aim to shoot the still alive hero gang terrorist for yourhero commander survival in a modern world of super warship. Sodon’t feel any hesitation, just indulge in the battle of legendduel warship.This crisis action game has various hero tacticmissions with hero gang in best hero game. The dangerous hunterenemies are hidden in a battle of super warship for their herocommander defense. Your mission is to find out the criticalterrorists by using your bravo sniper shooter warrior strategiesand eliminate the enemy ruthless strike. The world of a super tankis looking at you because you are the frontline commando equippedwith all modern weapons including a sniper. It’s time to confrontthe underground enemies shooting in best hero game. You need tofocus on your aim shoot to target by your gun including sniper forfree on remaining look alive enemies. A frontline elite herocommander has a lot of expectation from you to rescue the 3d firstperson city in this best hero game. You are real reward hero withoffensive gun including sniper shooting tactics & havesuperiority abilities to defeat the hero gang. So, don’t lose hope& be courageous in order to strike hard in combat criticalvalor arena of legend duel. This is a world of super warshipagainst the still alive incursion terrorist enemy. Conquer thedeadly criminal’s territory as elite commander of fps counterfrontline. Being a 3d first person shooter, you know that theremaining terrorists have all assassin fire creed defense weaponsincluding a sniper. These shooting multiplayer enemies are verydangerous for you. For your vast survival, you have to reloadsniper rifle to fight in city shooting 3d. Defeat the modern evilstrike in legend duel.Customize & upgrade your all modernweapons to shoot the enemies who have taken over army secret agentbuilding. Be careful & move on your feet in slow motion todestroy the terrorist adversary. Counter the entire terroristadversary & free the whole world from them.
Modern Sniper Combat FPS Game 2.2 APK
Get ready to step in the call fps modern with sniper gun shootingaction packed 3D game. In this shooting battle game, you willexperience the action class critical mission & lethal attacksof global terrorist. Try to escape from the high security Alcatraztype prison by conquer modern multiplayer warfare hidden around thecity. It’s time to use your shoot assassin sniper rifle guns &smooth shooting skills to hold targets in order to break out of theprison jail. You are a war prisoner sniper which means you are veryimportant to the city criminals as you have all the combat battlestrike information of your action class battle. You need to breakout the jail & escape the prison at all costs in online gungame. Endless battle shooter game contains unlimited challengesthat you’ll have to overcome in order to be free to chase yourfreedom again. Get ready to use your counter battleground strikeweapons including sniper & sniper rifle to counter the attackof enemies for your survival.The prison is on high alert & thewarden has assigned all the prison security guards to take you downif you are trying to break out & escape in free survival game.You are a fearless hero of frontline simulator shooting battle whois stuck in the prison jail with high security measures like cctvcameras, prison sniper shooters, k9 dogs etc. Your escape will bedifficult but don’t surrender yet use your shooting skills withaction class sniper rifle & assassin shooting experience tocombat in gun shooting game. You have major responsibility to hunt& conquer these enemy soldiers in this call modern fps warfare.Be a sniper anti-spoofing shooter as you escape prison jail to holdtargets & destroy global terrorist enemies. Time is runningfast so move forward & with your ultimate counter sniper teamshooting techniques. You’ll face a lot of critical shooting missionin this gangster strike action. So be ready to special warriorattacks fire & strike hard in order to ensure your existence inbattleground free survival game.Download now to get the real feelas a true counter sniper team shooter hero in this online gunshooting game. This is a thrilling fight game that will let you toenhance your shooting skills & abilities. Be a part of stealthcommando mission to prove that you’re the best army shooter,rifleman & marksman.Features:• Plenty of challenging missions•Intense FPS gun shooting gameplay• Outstanding HD graphics• TopNotch sound effects• Eventful 3D environment
Modern Counter Shot V2 1.1 APK
Modern Counter Shot 3D V2 is an action packed & super funfilled first person shooter (FPS) free game! It’s the next versionin Modern Counter Shot 3D series. In Modern Counter Shot 3D V2 youplay the role of a US military army commando on a very importantanti-terrorist mission. Your mission in this action first personshooter (FPS) game is to kill the enemy, rescue the hostage &secure your city and its residents. So shoot your way through wavesof enemy and be the best shooter of US military army anti-terroristcommando squad. Take position, hold your breath and aim at thetarget. Shoot to kill. Gun strike is important. Shooting requires agreat timing. Make your shoot timing perfect.Enemy has again shownits brutality by attacking your city. There are brutal evilterrorists everywhere destroying the city. You’ve been chosen tocounter the attack & destroy the enemy. Your selection has beenmade on the basis of your previous record & your combat &battle skills. Your skills with weapons & how you handle gunswere also considered. Evil terrorists have cowardly attacked yourcity at night this time. Enemy must have thought that it would beeasy to attack & overtake the city. Which is why US army hasselected its best commando and super sharp shooter that is you toeliminate the enemy and save the city. You are expected to put anend to all the games enemy is trying to play. You will be providedwith various weapons and different guns. Use them wisely andskillfully to kill all the evil terrorists. Be fast and shoot theenemy first. Don’t give enemy any chase to counter your attack orattack back. Strike as hard as you can because the future of thecity and its residents depends on you. You are the hero this cityneeds!Enemy’s attack has destroyed the city. The buildings are onfire, vehicles have been badly damaged and the residents have beentaken hostage. There is smoke and fire all around the city. Pick upyour weapons & guns, jump into the battle zone and strike withall the force you have. The whole city looks up to you & thinkof you as a hero. Combat the evil terrorists strategically. Thiswill make it hard for them to counter your attacks or strike back.US army has given you this mission with great hopes. You as anelite US military army anti-terrorist commando shooter are expectedto shoot your way through the waves of evil terrorists to save thecity & its innocent citizens. You are also expected to killevery single terrorist there is and rescue all the hostages. Makethis the last game enemy plays against us. There will be a lot ofclose range shooting involved in this mission so be very careful.Be attentive while shooting so you don’t kill any hostage. Kill allthe evil terrorists and save your city & its residents fromterrorism. Prove that you are the best anti-terrorist shooter.Terrorists have attacked at night so make sure they don’t live tosee the daylight. Combat like this is your last battle & winthis war at all costs. Attack with all your force and shine brightlike a true super hero. Good luck!FEATURES of Modern Counter Shot3D V2:- Beautiful HD 3D graphics.- Realistic sound effects.-Various action filled missions.- Addictive & entertaininggameplay.- True first person shooter (FPS) experience.- Eyecatching environments.- Different weapons & guns to help youwin this war.
Army Super War Hero 3D 2.0 APK
Army Super War Hero 3D is a free 3D game which allows the player toenjoy being a super hero 3 & a rescuer at the same time. Enjoybeing a super hero & a military army rescuer in a single game.Army Super War Hero 3D is a super hero game set in a war & gunshooting environment. Fly & rescue injured military armycommando soldier rangers in this super hero game from the war zonewhere all sorts of super guns & modern weapons are being usedfor shooting & defeating the enemy. You have special super heropowers & you can fly in this thrilling game so the close rangegun shooting shouldn’t be a problem for you. War is the perfecttime for you to serve your country & prove to the people thatyou are a true war super hero. Your super hero powers are going toplay an important role in war so forget the gun shooting &perform your duty as an elite military army commando soldier ranger& a super hero fearlessly. You were hired by the Hero 3Dmilitary army because of your super hero powers & this war isthe perfect time to prove yourself as a military army commandosoldier ranger. Every single person of your city looks up to you& you are the super hero they all depend on. It’s time to proveyourself to the whole country & be the super hero your wholecountry needs. Use you flying skills to storm the war zone &super hero powers to perform your duty as army commando rangerrescuer. Enemy has started a war against your country. Your people& country needs you so fly to the war zone & rescue yourfellow military army commando soldier rangers. Serve your country& help your military army win this war.All the military armycommando soldier rangers fighting the war & defending yourcountry are also hero just like you so they deserve to be rescuesat all costs. As a military army commando ranger soldier & asuper hero you are expected to perform your duty in this excitinggame & rescue all the injured army commando soldier rangersfrom the war zone. Fly over the war zone, dodge the gun shootingtaking place, counter enemy attacks & strikes in this actionfilled thrilling game. The gun shooting combat battle in the warzone shouldn’t stop you from performing your duty as a militaryarmy soldier combat commando ranger super hero & saving yourcity. Storm the war zone with all the power you have to rescue allthe injured commando soldier rangers & to serve your army &country during war. Save your city as well as your country byserving the military army & prove to everyone that you are atrue war super hero!Feature of Army Super War Hero 3D:- Fly like atrue super hero- Action filled rescue missions- Challenging &addictive gameplay- Immersive 3D war environment- Real life soundeffects
Transform Space Robot War Hero 1.0 APK
Take on the role of a futuristic hero battle mech robot in thisshooting action filled sci-fi science fiction game full of modernweapons, super guns & thrilling missions. Combat enemy iron oresteel robots & destroy them with your modern weapons &super guns in order to take revenge & save your city in thisfree transform robots fighting & shooting game. Only you &your gun shooting skills can transform this war into avictory.You’ve been chosen for a special ops mission by your robotmilitary army. Enemy has built special iron ore futuristic steelarmy robots which are modified & improved versions of theirmost successful prototype to start a war with you in order to takeover your city. Your mission is to take the war to enemy! Yourmission is to breach enemy’s frontier & destroy its army ofmodified battle mech robots. Not only this but as an elite robotarmy special battle mech member you are also expected to hack intoenemy’s computer systems to locate our robots that are being keptin jail as prisoners by the enemy. Locating & successfullyreleasing them is an important part of your mission. You areexpected to destroy all the modified steel iron ore robots builtfrom the prototype & release all the prisoners from jail inorder to win this war. The future of your city is in your handsnow, successfully complete this mission to be a true robot hero!Inorder to help you combat the enemy & win this war you are beingprovided with various modern weapons & super guns. We are nottaking help from any of our ally because it’s a secret special opsmission but in order to complete your quest you will have the helpof missiles & 9 different super guns. Shoot your canon or uselaser guns to destroy the enemy robots. This mission will be fullof close range gun shooting action & in order to survive you’llhave to strike quickly & counter robot enemy’s attacks. To havean edge over the enemy during the war try not to allow the enemyrobots to counter your attacks or strike at you. Aim accurately& shoot swiftly to win this combat. Your shooting willdetermine the result of this futuristic war. You survival dependson your shooting skills so lock & load your modern weapons& guns & shoot you way to victory. Save your city,transform this battle into a win & be a true war robot battlemech hero!Features of Transform Space Robot War Hero:- Immersivefuturistic sci-fi 3D environment- A lot of missions- Plenty ofweapons & guns- Hack into enemy computers- Release prisonerrobots from jail- Challenging gameplay- Top-notch soundeffects
Frontline Hero Compound War 1.0 APK
Frontline Hero Compound War is a FPS first person shooter game setin a stunning 3D environment. Get ready for a game that would makeyou experience modern war shooting in a way you’ve neverexperienced before. Set in a beautiful 3D compound environmentFrontline Hero Compound War allows the player to enjoy first personshoot (FPS) action in a war against the enemy. Frontline HeroCompound War is the only first person shooter (FPS) action gameyou’ll experience that is closest to reality!No matter if the city& its residents are attacked by mafia gangsters, evil thugs,terrorists or any other sort of criminal or enemy they only needone real life super hero to save them all and their city. Enemy hasattacked your city this time so it’s your duty now to strike back& counter all the threats your city is facing. You are thesuper hero everyone is depending on. It’s not a game, not just amission either, it’s a war! Battle the enemy with courage becausethe peace of your city is in your hands now. The enemy is equippedwith all the modern weapons & guns but that shouldn’t worry youbecause your combat & shooting skills are far superior thenyour enemy. So strike hard & defeat the enemy to win this war& save your city!Military army has found out the hideout of theterrorists that have been terrorizing your city & its people& want them eliminated at once. It’s a special ops mission& that is why the military army has selected its best soldierfor it. Military army has selected you for this critical mission onthe basis of your combat, fighting & gun shooting skills &your history with guns & weapons. Military army is putting it’sfaith in your skills as a soldier & sending you to thefrontline. Military army is counting on you to successfullycomplete this mission to secure the city & restore its peace.You as an elite solider are expected to enter enemy’s compoundcomplex and kill any terrorist you see. Military army wants to putan end to all sorts of criminals whether they are ordinary thugs,mafia gangsters or terrorists. To help you win this war and to makedefeating enemy easier military army has provided you with severalmodern weapons & guns. Military army has provided you withmodern guns like AK 47, Shotgun, MP 5, M 4 & pistols. Use yourweapons swift & wisely to strike hard at enemy & do notallow the enemy to counter your attacks or shoot back. After allit’s an important combat special ops mission & a serious waragainst the criminals. Not only your modern weapons & guns willhelp to kill the terrorists, you’ll also be provided with grenadesby military army to help you in this war. So shoot, combat, battle& fight the enemy with all you’ve got because you need to winthis war at all costs.Frontline Hero Compound War is a one of kindfirst person shooter (FPS) action game. It has been made keeping inmind all the essential element of a great action shooting game.Lock and load your modern guns & weapons for a thrilling actionfilled mission. Frontline is waiting for you. Save your city &be its true hero!Features of Frontline Hero Compound War:- Actionfilled first person shooter (FPS) game.- Addictive gameplay.-Plenty of mission to enjoy.- Various guns to choose from.-Thrilling close range shooting action.- Immersive environment &3D graphics.- Real life sound effects.
Counter Terrorist Fury Sniper 1.0 APK
Jump right in to the action as an elite commando soldier equippedwith modern weapons & guns in this free gun shooting actionmilitary army counter terrorist special ops mission game. Be thefear less warrior who will kill all the terrorists to win thiscombat for his military army & country. Satisfy your innershooter by shooting down terrorists criminals in this action filledgame. Counter Terrorist Fury Sniper gives you the chance to provethat you are the best commando soldier, rifleman, sniper shooter& a true hero. This game is a true shooting arena!You play thepart of an elite military commando army soldier in this gunshooting counter terrorist game who has been trained by the armymilitary. Your skills include melee weapons, gun shooting, hand tohand combat fighting & warfare. You have served previously onfrontline & have performed your duty on the frontier withcourage. You are one of the finest sniper shooter & rifleman& that is why military army has chosen you for this special opsmission. Global terrorists have sent terrorist teams to your cityto destroy it. Military army wants to control the terrorism so theyare send their counter terrorist specialist for action. With thehelp of your skills & military equipment you are expect tostrike hard at enemy & kill the terrorists. Only you can put anend to this terror. Combat the villain terrorists with courage andwith this war for your country. Counter enemy attacks & don’tallow the enemy to strike first. Be swift with your shooting, Aimand fire at the right time to increase your chances of survival& winning this war. Use your sniper shooting skill to provethat you are the best rifleman. Use your modern weapons & gunsto combat the enemy & kill the terrorists. You will also beable to use grenades along with gun shooting to destroy theterrorists. Shoot the barrels to blow them up and use them to youradvantage. Terrorists are equipped with modern weapons & gunsjust like you so it won’t be an easy combat. Expect a lot of gunshooting in return. This is the frontier the frontline that willdecide the future of your city & country. Terrorists areplanning on hitting all the major cities so you need to kill thembefore they start spreading. You as an elite army commando militarysoldier are expected to win this war against terrorism &terrorists with the help of your combat fighting skills & guns.Win this battle on the frontline for your city & country.Defend the frontier & kill all the terroists to prove that youare the best rifleman, sniper shooter, commando soldier & atrue war hero. It’s a critical special ops mission so give it allyou’ve got & strike hard to win this battle. Time to kill theterrorists & make your counter terrorists squad as well asmilitary army proud!