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Racer X(treme) is a high-speed 3D racing game toinfinity.Features:* Ad Free* 3D infinite game with addictivegameplay* Procedurally generation (no level is the same)* Bestscores* Integrated store to buy more spacecrafts* 7 spacecraft youcan buy* Tilt and Touch controlControls (select in options):- Tiltleft or right to move OR- Touch left or right on screen tomoveEnjoy the speed!

App Information Racer X-treme Pro

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    Racer X-treme Pro
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    October 25, 2015
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Area 1
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    19 - 21 Crawford Street W1H 1PJ London
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Roller Coaster VR - 3D HD Pro 1.0.6 APK
Area 1
New Update:+ City level with higher quality buildings+ Bonus Level:Colossum Rollercoaster+ Better sound for Rollercoaster ride+ Gazesupport for Cardboard without Touch or MagnetTo start the ride youneed to look at the GO button and click with your cardboard button,touch the screen or wait for 2 seconds.!!! VR Case (GoogleCardboard, Dive, Homido etc) required! To really enjoy thisexperience as designed, you need a VR Case as a requirement!Otherwise this will not work. Most 1 star reviews are from peoplewho don't understand the Virtual Reality concept yet.Check here formore info on what you need to make it work:http://www.google.com/get/cardboard/ & Mr.Cardboardhttp://www.durovis.com/index.htmlhttp://www.homido.comhttp://www.antvr.com/en/!!!Note: This HD version runs best with the top range of devices suchas Galaxy Note 4, S6, Edge etc.For lower spec devices (slower &older Smartphones) look out for other versions called 'RollerCoaster CardboardVR'.=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+Ifyou like Rollercoasters, then this is defiantly for you!Jump on aVirtual Reality 3D Rollercoaster ride and don't forget to lookaround!Designed for VR cases such as Durovis Dive, OpenDive,Cardboard or equivalent.Feature:+ Go Button let you start at yourown pace (look at it, click with your cardboard button or touch thescreen or wait for 2 seconds)+ Features New Tokyo - Akihabara(Akiba) City+ Hidden Easter Eggs (steal Teddys heart ... if youdare!)+ City level with higher quality buildings+ Better sound forRollercoaster ride+ Bonus Level: Colossum Rollercoaster+ Gazesupport for Cardboard without Touch or MagnetEnjoy, but keep yourhands inside :)If you like this, please buy the Ad-free version tosupport the developer for more games in thefuture:http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RollercoasterVrExt
Roller Coaster Cardboard VR 1.0.6 APK
Area 1
New Update:+ City level with higher quality buildings+ Bonus Level:Colossum Rollercoaster (HD version)+ Better sound for Rollercoasterride+ Gaze support for Cardboard without Touch or Magnet+ Alllevels Unlocked (Full version Only)To start the ride you need tolook at the GO button and click with your cardboard button, touchthe screen or wait for 2 seconds.!!! VR case required! To reallyenjoy this experience as designed, you need a VR case as arequirement!Designed for lower spec devices. Check out the otherversions called 'Roller Coaster Cardboard VR HD' for newerdevices.If you like Rollercoasters, then this is defiantly foryou!Jump on a Virtual Reality 3D Rollercoaster ride and don'tforget to look around!Designed for VR cases such as Durovis Dive,OpenDive, Cardboard or equivalent.Feature:- Go Button let you startat your own pace- Select your favorite Weather- Features Tokyo -Akihabara (Akiba) City- Ride with a Teddy!- Hidden GimmicksEnjoy,but keep your hands inside :)
Sobriety Calculator 1.0 APK
Area 1
For the first time, the recovery App that has helped so many is nowavailable on Android.We all know that in order to fully embrace ourrecovery we sometimes require guidance and enlightenment. This canbe in the form of a meeting or talking with our sponsor. A fewwords of wisdom are often enough to keep us on the road torecovery.With a positive attitude and peace of mind we can breakfree of our past and remain open to the opportunities for a lifebeyond your wildest dreams.This application gives you instantaccess to calculate your sober days and sober years.Thisapplication is designed to compliment all 12 step fellowships suchas AA, NA, CA, Al-Anon, Nar-anon, OA, SLA and GA, This app is notintended as a replacement treatment program and we urge you toconsult with qualified professionals regarding any medicalquestions or concerns.
Astro Protector VR & Cardboard 1.2.0 APK
Area 1
IMPORTANT: Works with Google Cardboard:http://cardboard.withgoogle.com/ and similar cases!---------- ▲△▲UPDATE 1.1 △▲△▲---------- ↳ New Space Background↳ Added AutoFire -CardBoard friendly / Hands free↳ Tilt head to right in game to goback to Main Menu↳ Added Ads in Main Menu (sorry, but I need someBeans on Toast)---------- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲---------- This game wasdone during the Global Game Jam 2014, so don't expect any miracles… YET!Welcome to the (VR) future NOW!This Virtual Reality 3D spacegame support Android smartphones and tablets with a customized 3Dprinted VR-Canvas.Actually your head/neck/body is yourcontroller!The supported game controller is an OUYA Controller(connected via Bluetooth), but others should work too (intheory).Supported controllers (tested with Nexus 7 2013):- OUYAController (connect via Bluetooth)- Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X:No kidding! Connect via on-the-go (OTG) cable----------▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲---------- NOTE: Gyro might not work with olderdevices. Please check our hardware specs before you consider givingit a (not so nice) review.Performance: This game is not optimizedfor older devices. Lagging might be possible.Works smoothly on aNexus 7 (2013) and Samsung S5!---------- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲----------"What's Google Cardboard?"Cardboard is a low­cost, easy­to­getvirtual reality viewer that transforms a phone into a basic VRheadset. Learn more about Google Cardboard atg.co/cardboard.---------- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲---------- ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 starreview: Fun!The graphics in this game are really good. I like theway that there is an option to either auto fire or use the buttonto fire. A few recommendations would be to only have the targetingreticle in one eye because it is hard to make it properly convergewith both eye, make the image fully stretch to the edges of thescreen and allow the trigger shoot option "stick" It alwaysdefaults to auto fire mode. I have a lot of fun just watching theasteroids float around without shooting them, the 3D effect isquite amazing!---------- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲---------- For feedback orpositive emotional support please send us an email.VR Cardboard& Cases Support:★ Cardboard (no Magnetometer support yet)★ ViewMaster my Mattel★ Mr. Cardboard★ Tchibo VR-Smartphone-Brille★(Open) Dive by Durovis★ Stooksy VR-Spektiv★ HOMiDO & Mini★VReX★ vrAse★ Merge VR★ Merlin VR★ ImmersiON-VRelia GO★ VR Oxygen★VR future ready (Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc).★ AntVR★ Suitable forAge 7+ ★
XR Shooter (AR+VR) Cardboard 1.0.2 APK
Area 1
Shoot Em Up Game that uses AR and VR technologies to give you aunique game experience.For the AR (Augmented Reality) experience atarget marker is required.Ideally to print out and place on yourtable or shown on a second screen or smart phone, if you want tosave some paper.The target marker can be foundhere:http://area001.com/targetmarker/Area1.jpgHow it works:ThisGame uses AR technologies for a unique experience. Positions thetarget marker on the table and can start playing the Shoot em Upgame. Also with an enter button you can change to third person viewand play the same game from another angle! We intend to add VRCardboard and others to increase this experience!It is stillexperimental stage, so please let us know your feedback.support @area001.com
Sky Warden - Force Defender 1.0.7 APK
Area 1
Sky Warden is an arcade shooter game (Shoot 'em Up) with stunningfuturistic 3D graphics. One of the main features of the game, whichdistinguishes it from other similar shooters is a variety ofmilitary vehicles. All levels in the game are divided into threeseparate stories. You can fly a plane and later also a helicopterto shoot down engaging enemies.Or ride in an armored car and orupgrade to rocket launcher, avoiding accurate and rapid-fire guns.Swim a ship or destroyer to strike surface and underwater targets.The game challenges and captivates both novice and advancedgamers.Features of Sky Warden:★ Amazing & colorful 3D levels★ 3story lines★ 6 types of available vehicles★ Upgrade each vehicle★ Asky, ground and sea force of various enemies★ Collect stars topurchase vehicles and upgrades★ Touch control★ Hours of gameplayEnjoy Sky Warden!
Lucid Flight 1.0 APK
Area 1
Lucid Flight is an arcade flight simulator with a lucid look andfun gameplay. In this lucid flight you can fly around this luciddream world and collect hidden white bubbles before youare runningout of fuel! Features:• Collect white bubbles for fuel• Cool lucidvisual style• Cool Soundtrack• Touch or Tilt controlFly around andrelax in this lucid dream world.Enjoy the Lucid Flight!
Bedtime Shooter VR Cardboard 1.0 APK
Area 1
Bedtime Shooter VR for Cardboard is a First Person Shooter in atoys room.Shoot the waves of monsters.How long can you survive?Aimwith the laser pointer at the enemies.The rifle will shootautomatically.