1.0 / September 25, 2017
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The whole world is in threat, a toxic wormispoisoning a mounting figure of new regions in this zombieshootergame, spinning people into zombies. You are one of thesurvivors asa real mountain sniper.
Zombies ride all over the place in the gang city to consideringforhumans to eat, you are tangled in this gang war in contradictionofshooting zombies, dead trigger, blood-spattered andnohumanity.

Master of Zombies Shooter Game Play:

The game play of this Master of Zombies Shooter game isprettysimple but thrilling to play because our character will behumanmountain sniper and we have to shoot zombies which are ourbloodyhands enemies. We’ll have a real sniper gun to shoot thezombiesand we would be at mountain to shoot zombies by using zoominfunctionality as a special mountain sniper warrior.

Master of Zombies Shooter Features:

Best first-person shooter game.
Stunning 3D Graphics.
Numerous different undead targets as mountain sniper warrior.
True shooting games effect.
Realistic battlefield environment.
A lot of powerful weapons.
Weapon Upgrade System.
Easy and Intuitive controls.

FPS assassin in this Master of Zombies Shooter, a game withagrouping of weapons of arcade shooter, approach and killingzombiestyle. Take controller of a sniper and clean up the roads ofthewalking dead zombies in such a thrilling action game.Killingbloody hands zombies and stop the zombie attack, equip thesniperguns and uncheck the annihilation.
Arouse your shooting magazine and increase their critical powerwiththe prizes that you gain on each mission after shooting thezombiesas a mountain sniper warrior. Use your sniper rifle, killall thoseinfluences of zombie and to become the eventualcombatassassin.
Stopover alert to the activities of the undead zombies, choiceyourmark as a shadow warrior, aim with accuracy and shoot as aspecialsniper warrior. Overwhelm crowds of living dead zombies,withmodest movements of your finger you will have to abolishyourbloody hands zombies.

There will be two modes of this Master of Zombies Shooter game,inour first mode the zombies will be walking on the streets ofacrime city and in the 2nd mode, zombies will be gathered ontheroof of the bus against the arcade mountain shooters.
While shooting, when we’ll move close to the group of zombies ontheroad then they can also attack on us by smacking with theirbloodyhands.
Amend the zoom in your shooting rifle, retain your finger onthedead trigger and mark splendid headshots. Can you endthewide-ranging and be the actual Master of Zombies Shooter? Awormhas carried about the zombie’s disaster, the fightingincontradiction of zombies has smashed out and folks are ininstanthazard of a horrible death in this zombie games forfree.
Master of Zombies Shooter game is an all updated zombie’sfirstperson shooter game with excellent graphics, futuristicenvironmentif you are a fan of thrillers or shooting games thenthis FPSthrilling action game is just made for you.


App Information Master Of Zombies Shooter

  • App Name
    Master Of Zombies Shooter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 25, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
    Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Karama, Dubai
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Welcome to the Gangster Clown: JailEscapeMafia and shooting game which is full of adventure. You mighthaveplayed prison escape games but you must play this stealthgamebecause you have never seen Clown hero as a jail survival heroinany prison escape game.Gangster Clown: Jail Escape Mafia Game Play:In the beginning of this Gangster Clown: Jail Escape Mafia,yourcharacter will be Clown Joker hero and you have to get escapefromjail as a survival hero. Your character Incredible clown herocanshoot on the police cops and forces and you can select weaponslikeAk47, Short gun, machine gun, pistol, rifle and many more as acopsn robbers - prison just like other breakout battles.Gangster Clown: Jail Escape Mafia Features:* An absolute treat for lovers of incredible Joker herojailsurvival games withcomprehensive 2 modes.* First mode has 5 levels and 2nd mode has 20 action packlevelswith jail breakout.* Special maximum security prison environment for JailSurvivalHero.* Find tools to unlock jail cells stealthy and run to theescapepoint.* Impressive and easy on screen controls to thoroughly engageinthis battle simulator.Actually those people of fly hero city escape who create violenceinthe futuristic city with their shooting, mad city mafia andchangeit into a crime city and then police forces carry them. Toswitchthem into the jail same as the survival war prisoner andjailbreakout games of gangster survival & jokersuperhero.If you want to become a shooting gangster, survival war prisonerandmafia hero and want to defeat your enemies in the battle tapthenyou should have practice first in the Immortal criminal clownworldand then you can do this in the real life of city jailadventure& joker superhero.Few years ago, the security of city jail adventure againstthegangsters, boxeo robots, joker clown, mafias and otherflyingmutants was extra ordinary and power alliance and it wasmuchdifficult for each cops n robbers – prison to get escape fromthecity jail like criminal clown.Whenever police forces against the Jail escape joker world dropthegangsters and mafia hero into the city jail, the innocentcitizensget relax and they enjoy in the crime city according totheir ownlife style without power alliance of criminal clown &jokerclown.But when gangster jokers, mafia hero and clown superheroesgetescape from the Immortal world jail with jail breakout theygetstart to tease the innocent citizens in the futuristiccity.These gangsters and mad city mafia like super Clowns snatch thecarsfrom the whole public like new immortal superhero games,breakoutbattle and explore the buildings as a power alliance andheroescape, fly higher in the air using stealthy rope, jump overthebuildings like fly hero city escape, tease the employees ofofficesin the buildings and cops n robbers - prison and wheneverthey seeany police team in the stealth joker game they just startshootingon them with their multiple of weapons like Ak47, shortgun, machinegun, pistols, rifles, and other guns.Plan a best prison jail adventure escape plan in this heroescapeGangster Clown: Jail Escape Mafia Hero and kill all prisonrivalswith shooting in this jail escape as an incredible jokersuperhero& clown hero and police cops that come in the way ofyourstealth escape as a cops n robbers - prison.Attack strongly and stealthy in such an amazing escape storyofgangster survival, city jail adventure, breakout battle, flyherocity escape and Show super amazing action fighting stuntswithsurvival war prisoner. Be in defensive position in thisjailadventure and new immortal superhero games when get attackedbyprison guards and jail escape shadow criminals as jokergame.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Gangster Clown: Jail Escape Mafia will be updated soon accordingtoyour suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review withyourfeedback.
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Flying Iron: Battle Hero 1.2 APK
Game of Transfinity (GOT) would like towelcome you to our game Flying Iron: Battle Hero with amazingshooting powers of gangsters, criminals and other mafias.Flying Iron: Battle Hero Game Play:You were on a Super secret mission, stealing the importantinformation about the enemies, the army base camps, rebels and theunderworld Mafia, But you got arrested. They put you in Jail wheresecurity is on high level. The enemy knows that you have all theinformation they hides, they can't Kill you before investigation.You as an multi iron legend hero managed to make an escape now theysend their best soliders and mafias to capture you now it's yourturn to defeat them all. You have different super powers, use themto destroy and get back to your home.Flying Iron: Battle Hero Features:Variety of rescue flying iron battle hero with high fly.Challenging City Rescue with flying iron legend hero.Real time City Simulator against the deadly criminals.Final fight against gangsters in final battle.Devastating flying experience of amazing iron legend hero &deal in city.Survival City Environment to Explore against mad city mafia.You were stealing the information from the hostile nation and theyhave seen you while stealing the information and now you don’t needto run from hostile nation because you are also a well-trainedflying iron multi hero in the whole battle city like the ironsuperhero games as amazing hero.Time for final battle, our strange hero with unique skills is hereto fight with mafia criminals in city battle. Use all yourfantastic power as flying iron super-hero and marvelous strategy toprotect the people and the city. There are many crimes like drugbuying and selling, mafia criminals in city town. You have shootingand fighting skills so stop gangsters from escape.In the real futuristic battle of machines, the rescue mission isassigned to the grand flying robots. Be the iron big hero and fightagainst the terrorist agencies, capture the bank robbers performingheist and put the prisoners in Jail. Big 3D world of flying robotgame is overwhelmed with a super robot hero that is on a totalrampage to crush the whole 3D world of superhero games. Our grandsuper hero has raised the hopes of SWAT police officials as thecrime rate will sure to decrease. It is a combination of super heroflying games and city survival games. Combining the strategyinvolved in strange hero games & thrills of rescue missiongames.your enemies are mortal. It is a new Incredible Flying Iron SpiderFighting game where Champion is the cause for justice and yourfuture. Flying Iron Superhero has special powers for destruction.The only Hero will be able to save the city from goons and anotherstreet mobster.Flying iron Mutant Hero an action filled simulation super hero gamewhere you have to use your mutant strange hero super powers torescue drowning citizens. Mutant iron big Hero is an action-packedadventure of rope hero in vice town. Fight like a strange hero, bea legend of heroes and tagged yourself as hero of city. Specialcyborg robots corps are fighting against you, you are every one'shope and they are calling you my big hero, show some stealthyaction for the survival of your country and make it secure.This exponential evil of flying monster and gangsters is movingfrom dimension to dimension, destroying each one as a mafia hero& legend hero. So in this amazing iron robo hero game which isan iron robotic hero adventure we’ll have full control of a cityrescue, amazing hero, hero city & multi iron transformationhero who’s is also a super flying hero and we’ll save the people ofthe sin city.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:The creator of Police Helicopter Robotic Battle,Spider Hero VSSuperheroes Cycle Raceand Fictional Goku Fidget Hero presents Flying Iron: Battle Herogame.Flying Iron: Battle Hero will be updated according to yoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback
Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia 1.0 APK
The incredible monster super heroes ofrescuegames, you are confronting with, in this mafia wars game arerealgiants of survival real mafia games at their respective placesandyou must be very sharp in your action of ninja real fidgetspinnerturtle and response because you’re a ninja champ and youhave toattack on all incredible monster flying heroes to get accessofnext mission in such a mafia gangster ninja combat game.Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia Game Play:While playing this Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia game,ourcharacter will be angry ninja with ninja smash and we’llfightagainst the enemies like incredible monsters heroes, shootersandhitters in this challenging real fidget spinner game usingfidgetspinners and flying power.Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia Features:Stealth mode and angry ninjas master battle style in shadows.Multiple weapons and action pack ninja combat gameplay.Stealth and combat movements between angry ninja fights.Engaging Background music with HD graphics.Player Punch, Power ups, Pro Fidget Spinners and Combos.This Flying Ninja fidget hero mafia is an open world gameplay withalethal combination of real shadow ninja fighter hero vsincrediblemonster flying superheroes villains with ninja anddeadly turtlecriminals in this throne battle.The flying mutant tracker real ninja fighter and warrior is readyinthis bloody fighting to defeat deadly criminals reign ofdangeroussuperheroes with mafia gangster to keep your city cleanfrom theincredible monster heroes after attack enemy with realninja andmafia gangster ninja switch and all occurs at thronebattle.You are a fearless hardcore ninja and shadow ninja fighter heroanda flying mutant run city fighter in this Flying Ninja fidgetheromafia game, so show the power of your ninja fighter tacticsandclimb the barrier like an angry ninja hero, flying mutantandescape ninja champ like shadow ninja.Turn into an amazing pro spinny fidget spinner game and fly highinthe sky to shoot the enemies like incredible monstersuperheroes,shooters and hitters , exhibit super fidget spinnerchallengeamazing skills in this mafia gangster game and rush forbig citysurvival in this best challenging fidget spinner superheromonstergame.This shadow ninja fighter with fidget spinner 2017 which is amafiagangster game named Flying Ninja fidget hero mafia will allowyouto enter in the War of incredible monster heroes of angryninjasmash shadow ninja smash teenage mutant ninja games.Play the most challenging fighting gameplay with an excitingninjasmash & thrilling superhero ninja combat adventure ofrealninja fighter vs incredible monster heroes to win thisthronebattle after playing the all bloody fighting game with realninjatactics blood.The marvellous thing of this game is that we can also userealfidget spinner which is adventure spinner to attack on enemieslikeincredible monster heroes and to complete the mission in suchachallenging real fidget spinner game.You might have played ninja fighter superhero rescue games butyouhave never experienced this challenging pro fidgetspinnersuperhero monster game named Flying Ninja fidget hero mafiawithspinny fidget free hover board before in such a mafiagangstergame.Show some ninja tactics in this best real ninja smash andninjacombat fighting mafia games and become a ninja champ.Hardcoreninja fight for their mission in this best challengingfidgetspinner game named Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia.Unleash your hand real fidget spinner fly ninja smash fear inflyingmutant way to get extreme ninja combat swing as a besthopper inthis Flying Ninja Fidget Hero Mafia adventure game.Incrediblemonster heroes action ninja smash the rivals, villainsthose areincredible monster superheroes enemies in this mafiawarsgame.We Value your feedback.