6.0 / October 19, 2017
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Horror Games: Hospital — terriblesurvivor horror in hospital games genre, like an Outlast andOutlast 2.

You are feeling which fear and death pester to you in every step.Search an old, abandoned mental hospital and collect any scraps.But be careful — there are rumors of a ghost haunting thebuilding...

Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere. Survive in and findout horror stories about mental hospital.

Game Features:
✝ Horror games free and horror escape games genre;
✝ Grim and bleak terrible levels;
✝ Fearful and tension atmosphere;
✝ Beautiful 3D HD graphics and atmospheric music;
✝ No internet connection required to play - you can playoffline!

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App Information Horror Games: Hospital

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    Horror Games: Hospital
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  • Updated
    October 19, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Comet Studios
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Академика Скрябина, 5 к1 КВ 45
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Mahjong: Monster Village Game 16.0 APK
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Play Mahjong with the monsters!We are pleased to announce a new mahjong! The game is very popularand has millions of fans playing it around the world. We decided todiversify this popular game with new characters, monsters! Now playmahjong not only interesting but also fun! New characters and newlevels are waiting for you! For those who have never played this wonderful game, we'llwrite a bit about the rules of the game. They are very simple. Isidentical tiles along the edges of the figure, and remove them. Thechip should not be hold on the sides by other chips, as well as onit should not be is the other chips. Allocates token, there isanother with the same picture and click on it, the chips willdisappear. This procedure should be repeated until such time untilall the chips will disappear from the board. The game is divided into levels of difficulty, so that everyplayer is able to determine the best for you. For the novice playerwe offer a simplified version of the game, but for experienced moresophisticated version of mahjong. The puzzle is, playing time, andas a function of mixing chips. This is done for the convenience ofyour game.Features:- New characters;- New levels;- A free game;- The game is divided into levels of difficulty;- Function mixing chips;- Nice graphics;- Wonderful music;- A great puzzle.How to play: Is identical tiles along the edges of the figure, and removethem.Put evaluation, write comments, we are very happy when you arecommunicating with us!)
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Folding crystals three!Tired of the same type of puzzles? Try a completely new! Puzzlewith crystals, where you need to move the crystals so that they arejoined by three. And what else is new? - you ask. New is that the crystals arestacked and form the structure. You have a limited number of movesto connect all the crystals, usually one or two attempts. Of allthe design, you have to find a crystal that you need to move, andthen the entire structure neatly stacked. Excellent puzzle game for mind and care. It is necessary toprovide in advance as the crystals will fall and if you get behindthe move to pass the level, or will have to find another way out.Play is very simple and convenient management to handle even thesmallest. Download and you will not regret!Features:★ new genre of puzzles;★ great puzzle for the mind and mindfulness;★ play is very simple and convenient;★ beautiful graphics and design;★ Over 300 levels;★ an interesting story;★ funny ringtones;★ no age limit;★ free game.How to play:It is necessary to move the crystals so that they are joined bythree. You have a limited number of moves.Put evaluation, write comments, we are always pleased to read yoursuggestions!) Be sure to join our group, there you will find a lotof interesting and will always know about new games!VK - http://vk.com/public118532294Twitter - http://twitter.com/CometStudios16
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Manage bulldozer, solve puzzles!Sit down in a bulldozer and move rocks. Your task is to move allthe stones on the points, try to cope with this task! An exciting game in the genre of Sokoban like any good fan ofpuzzles! It has everything you need: a beautiful game interface,nice music, a lot of levels, and most importantly it is aninteresting gameplay! Easily manage, play will be convenient forboth adults and children. The game is addictive for many hours,passing one level want more and more. A great way to unwind andrelax with a pleasant game. Like a bulldozer, swinging in differentdirections detail, the sound of the engine! If you like a good timefor a good game, then this app is for you!Features:🚜 exciting game;🚜 game Sokoban style;🚜 beautiful game interface;🚜 pleasant music;🚜 many levels;🚜 interesting gameplay;🚜 simple operation;🚜 game is addictive for many hours;🚜 like a bulldozer;🚜 free game.How to play:Your task is to move all the stones on the point.Come into our group, there you will find all the updates of ourapplications!VK - http://vk.com/public118532294Twitter - http://twitter.com/CometStudios16
Candy Deluxe 11.0 APK
Comet Studios
Collect candy in a row!Hello! I want to show you a new puzzle is very sweet! This colorfulgame should you like it! You have to collect mermaids, build candyin a row of three or more. Perform different tasks, dial a certainnumber of points, unfreeze candy, collect all the chocolates, topass the level for a certain time and a certain number of moves toget unique items. Find similar candies, the same color and to connect them in aline. To do this you need to move the candy either left or right orup or down. Collect candy in a row more than three and getexplosive combos and power-ups! Over the glasses you can buy in astore and candy bombs, they will help you better cope with thelevel. The bright and colorful game will appeal to both adults andchildren! Explosive sweet combo, fun music, animation, explosions -it's very cool!If you are bored and have nothing to do, you're always sitting inboring queues and traffic jams, then this game will lift yourspirits!Puzzle based on the popular genre games "three in a row", but donewith his taste and brightness. More than a hundred exciting levelsare waiting for you right now! Most Downloaded this game, I can noteat as much candy one !;)Features:- Colorful game;- Mermaids, candies, chocolates;- Different tasks;- Appeal to both adults and children;- funny music;- Explosive sweet combo;- Animation of explosions;- A "three in a row," the popular genre of games;- More than a hundred exciting levels;- A free puzzle game!How to play:Find similar candies, the same color and to connect them in a line.To do this you need to move the candy either left or right or up ordown. Collect candy in a row more than three and get explosivecombos and power-ups!I like to collect candy? Then join our team, watch the news thesegames and find new friends!