1.0.3 / November 23, 2014
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HELICOPTER BATTLE: GUNSHIP RACE is an actiongame of Apache Helicopter ZX-73H. This helicopter is the mostpowerful machine in the history of aviation.

The mission of ZX-73H Apache is to destroy those targeted armedaircraft with its lethal missiles.

Apache is highly alarmed by the actions of its opponents. Thehelicopter is quick in reacting towards enemies.

The helicopter is designed sophisticatedly as a weapon to beinvolved in an aircraft battle.

Play the game with passion and control Apache intelligently toget you through the next level.

This game is quite challenging yet exciting!


App Information Helicopter Battle:Gunship Race

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    Helicopter Battle:Gunship Race
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    November 23, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
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  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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HELICOPTER BATTLE: GUNSHIP RACE is an actiongame of Apache Helicopter ZX-73H. This helicopter is the mostpowerful machine in the history of aviation.The mission of ZX-73H Apache is to destroy those targeted armedaircraft with its lethal missiles.Apache is highly alarmed by the actions of its opponents. Thehelicopter is quick in reacting towards enemies.The helicopter is designed sophisticatedly as a weapon to beinvolved in an aircraft battle.Play the game with passion and control Apache intelligently toget you through the next level.This game is quite challenging yet exciting!DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY THE GAME!
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Macau Travel Adventure is a tourism app which covers Macau as awhole. Besides that, consumers are able to search and compareprices for hotels and flights via this application. Travellersusually opt for budget hotels which are featured in this app andare similar to agoda. In comparing hotels and flights of course weneed the best for ourselves and yes we can get them through thismobile app. Macau Travel Adventure offers these features:- Compareinformation and prices from 100+ travel sites for best airline& hotel deals- Find the best airfares and lowest hotel rates inMacau & around the world- Compare prices and rates of 250,000+hotels internationally- Read reviews from all prominent hotelreview sites- See hotel photos, facility information, room rates& availability- Grasp interesting nearby places to visit,things to do, place to shop & eateries - Track flight status& delays- Book accessibly on the website of your choice- Asimple, fast and spontaneous user interface- Access to useful andfree apps from Tripadvisor and other travel appsA very useful andconvenient mobile application for everyone. Download Macau TravelAdventure app from Google Playstore.
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