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Fire Force: Battleground SurvivalIndulge in the ferocious fireforce action game to experience real time shootingCommand yourfleet in an immersive & real-time gameplay of massive worldwar. This last call of battle is completely controlled by you sodon’t forget the warfare rules. In recent strike, you were the laststanding man so now command a new troop in real time War world.Fight for your nation and become a remarkable commando of yourarmy. Most of the battleground bases are full of monstrous enemies& terrorists. Enemy waves are equipped by ferocious &explosive weapons. You need to destroy them in best way possible.Conquer the dangerous alliance of attackers & create your ownsurvival rules. Armory:Ak47, pistol, rifle, sniper, grenades,bombsHow to play:•You will skydive by controlling parachute &land on enemy base. •Use your active and remarkable stealth skillsto take down enemies. •Use pistol & guns to shoot themaccurately on their spots. •Use smooth & intuitive controls tomove forward•Use your all skills to stem the tide of enemies in alllevels and make your way back to helicopter. •Fight hard by developyour own strategic center of operations in battleground •Become abest commando in war the world has ever seen!Features: •Immersive3D First Person Shooter strategic gameplay•Real-Time smooth &intuitive controls•Visually stunning 3D graphics•Marvelous &thrilling sound effects•Challenging missions to complete•Numerouspowerful & modern weapons •Realistic Shooting effects

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    Fire Force: Battleground Survival
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    January 3, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Fun Craft Studios
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    Taşocağı cad no: 59 Esenler istanbul Turkıye
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Ruthless Gunner's BattleThere is no rule in love and war It’s a topfree game for action game lovers. It’s a story of a criminal townof San Andrea’s. Lawlessness is on rise and everyone wants to be agreat criminal. Your duty will be to conduct a cover operation anddestroy their stronghold. It’s not a piece of candy; it’s not a warof small weapons anymore! Your opponents are carrying the weapon ofmodern era and will be ready to crush you. They are roaming aroundin the heavy military cars, surveillance of their strong hold is onapache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 are their standard weapons andskilled in counter attacks.It’s a new + updated idea game. Thegangsters are dominating over the city and the law. They openlydemonstrate their superiority over the law and their criminalskills is way above anything it’s a wicked gangster game and youneed to show your anti criminal skills and prove that you are theboss of town. The underworld gangs are very well organized, youneed to become a part of them in order to break them. To completethe level, you must use your tactical skills to neutralize theenemies to advance on to the next level Unlimited criminalchallenging missions would keep you on your toes. Neutralize the nogo areas and open it for terrorized innocent public.Feature ofRuthless Gunner Unlimited challenging missionsReal Crime city 3denvironmentBest sound effectsDrive the tankUse the RPG to shot downhelicoptersCool animationsPS. We work hard to ensure that our gamesrun properly on every major android phone and tablet. If howeveryou encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoy our games,please report it [email protected]
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Combat arms gunner operation thunderbird warriorYou are the bestwarrior of your country and you are given some duties and tasks todestroy your enemy's forces in several fronts and countries of theworld. You are equipped with great full automatic guns and bazookasand airforce bombing support. Your enemy is also really goodequipped with even airforce and tank support. Hero!!! There is afierce fight waiting for you. You will be awarded for your successin the Combat Arms Gunner if you destroy enemy forces. With theseawards you may buy guns air supports health guards and many more.So you can defend yourself and your country with monetary support.So you can buy more mercenary airforces. We know that air forcesupport is great plus for your success at war. Sometimes you willface continuous enemy strikes so use your guns so quickly andaccurately. Your guns are other airforce power fires so accurately.but your enemy is also fighting and firing accurately just likeyou.Sometimes You are a modern sniper ready to play your part indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Go for the headshotnow! Hold your breath & Pull the sniper trigger in thisreal-life 3D graphics and sounds environment, the game gives anexhilarating experience to complete this mission.Loosing thisbattle is not acceptable, you need to win at any cost. Don’t beafraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins , will be rememberas championFeatures:- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter)scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game-Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- Well builtstoryline- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Excellentenvironment- Fabulous sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- Firstperson shootingHow to Play:- Touch & drag anywhere on thescreen aim your shooting weapon- Tap the fire button on the rightside of the to shoot and start your assault- Click on up rightbutton to use aiforce bombing.- Click on up left button to switchguns- Buy tools before and after the missionFor any questions andissues please contact us via e-mail. Enjoy this amazing 3D shootergame Combat Arms Gunner! And Please do not forget to leave commentsabout game! Your comments are so valuable for us!RegardsFun CraftStudios
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Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017Soldier! Its a war city, a city onfire. Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !Soldier! Its a warcity, a city on fire and the evil empire has taken over the chargeof the kingdom very cunningly. The enemies are roaming around liketheir own planet & a survivor is required to save the nationfrom the menace of the evil foe's.War Commandos are needed in suchgrieve moments and Now is the time to show your kingdom that Youstill are alive and there to eliminate the angry armies of theenemies from the country which was a peaceful place one. The nationneeds a Hero, more of a saviour and you are the one we havechosen.Thinking about weaponry ? Well this time you are equippedwith the modern weaponry of Sniper Riffles and we want you to provethe perfect shooter. You are a sniper Commando with a strategicapproach and we know you have been taught war techniques to snipethe targeted enemies.Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !!!FeaturesFPS3D Real GraphicsReal life sound effectsdifferent variousmissions and levels
FUTURISTIC WAR ROBOTSFuturistic robots are on the earth for a warwith other specie for the survivalThis is a 3D action game forthose who have the urge to be a part of futuristic robot war onearth. This is the perfect scene of how other species would comehere and this land for their survival. You are one of them and youhave some extra ordinary powers and heavy lethal weapons to killand destroy your enemy with endless ammunition. Shoot to kill andstrike with power. Get on to the ground with a strategy. Enemy botsare strong and they glide into the places where you hide. Future isunseen so we can predict it by our own actions. This is thefuturistic war. Robots have immense power.Transformation is yourpower and edge, use it to deceive the terrorists and win the waragainst the evil. Survival is the goal of everyone and that is whyno one hesitates to fight this close combat. Heavy robots aredestructive. State of the country has declared emergency and hasadvised everyone to take care of their lives. It is a do or diesituation now. War monger have to be defeated and throw out of thisworld. FeaturesAmazing 3D environmentReal life soundeffectsDifferent robots to playMission oriented gameAddictivegameplayChallenge your friends
Gunner Duty City War 1.1 APK
Gunner Duty : City WarYou Gunner! Your enemies can run but theycan't hide in this war!!!A special agent of armed forces, trainedin highly skilled training center, tested in hundreds of militarymission is deployed in the city famous for war crimes. You being anagent 47 is bound to perform your duty in any circumstances andeliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles, choppers and tanks.You are the gunner of battlefield and city battle is never going tobe an easy taskIt’s an FPS as well as third person mix actiongameplay while enjoying access to an elite armor where smallweapons are just the beginning. Dealing with heavy weaponry, switchto RPG to blast them with a cloud of buckshot.As the only eliteforces commando, you will team up with one of the finest shootersto take down the opponents. Simply you are the star of this actionthriller.Hone your skills and earn rewards. The enemies can run butcan’t hide from your sharp shooting skills. Their sharp snipershooter is on your target and it’s going to be their last day onearth. Your perfect shot is your strength. So don’t panic and holdyour breath. Its going to be a long day son!!!Strike down yourenemy!!!Features :-Incredible 3d environment-Unlimited challengingmissions-Drive the tank-Use the RPG to shot down helicopters-Coolanimations