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Shukran 4.1.1
We've completely overhauled our app's design with a fresh interfacethat’s far simpler, cleaner, more modern and relevant than everbefore.  SIMPLER • Navigate quickly and easily with ourthumb-friendly tab bar menu • Enjoy offers, events and couponscloser to where you actually are • Easily calculate how manyShukrans you can earn or spend for your favorite brands both on andoff sale MORE SECURE • Sign in swiftly and more securely withfingerprint • Enjoy greater digital card security with ananti-fraud shimmer FAR MORE USEFUL • Receive personalized couponsand offers right from your Home screen • Access your receipts andtransactions • Use Inbox to instantly message your feedback toShukran and receive great offers • Control your email, text andpush communication preferences in a snap from My Account
Babyshop - Mom's Little Secret 1.0
Welcome to Mom’s Little Secret. It’s the first interactive editionfrom us at Babyshop, and this guide is here to help expecting andnew parents alike. Having a baby is one of the most exciting,exhilarating, enjoyable and occasionally frightening experiencesyou will go through. It will change your life forever in the mostrewarding way.Mom’s Little Secret is a guide that will take youthrough everything you might need to know, from when you firstrealise you are going to be a parent to when your toddler is readyto leave diapers behind. To achieve this, we have spoken to parentswho have been through it all, as well as getting expert opinionfrom doctors and a wide range of other specialists from across theregion. Their responses, along with our extensive experience, havebeen crucial in creating a guide that is relevant to a first timemom and specific to this part of the world.
Mothercare Middle East 6.8
Shop over 5,000 products for babies and mommies with our Mothercareapp now. Enjoy great deals on kids’ clothing, cribs, baby beds, carseats, strollers, feeding essentials and toys from leading brands.Here’s why we think you’ll love our shopping experience: • Enjoyfree assembly for your nursery furniture, car seats, strollers andmore. • Pay by cash, Credit or Debit Cards, international CreditCards and Shukrans. • Easily return or cancel your order from ourapp in a few easy steps. • Earn valuable Shukrans and spend themfor instant savings. • Favourite the products you love and shopthem anytime you want. There’s a whole lot more for you to enjoy,so go ahead and download our Mothercare app today. Happy shopping!تسوّقي ما يزيد عن 5,000 منتج للأطفال والأمهات مع تطبيق مذر كيرالآن. استمتعي بعروض رائعة على ملابس الأطفال، الأسرّة والأمهدة،كراسي السيارة، عربات الأطفال، مستلزمات التغذية والألعاب من ماركاترائدة. نعتقد أنكِ ستحبين تجربة التسوق معنا، وإليكِ الأسباب: •استمتعي بتركيب مجاني لأثاث الحضانة، كرسي السيارة للأطفال، عرباتالأطفال والمزيد. • ادفعي نقدًا، عبر بطاقة الائتمان أو الخصم المباشرونقاط شكرنز. • قومي باسترجاع أو إلغاء طلبك بكل سهولة على تطبيقناخلال خطوات قليلة سهلة. • اكسبي شكرنز الثمينة وانفقيها للحصول علىخصم فوري. • احفظي المنتجات التي تحبيها وتسوّقيها وقتما تشائين.وهناك أكثر من ذلك بكثير لمتعة أكبر، سارعي بتحميل تطبيق اليوم.نتمنّى لكِ تسوّق سعيد!