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How far your frog or could we really?It is a frog action gamesimple.Let's go to avoid the obstacles by jumping in touch!HighScores and advance is recorded.The waits at the end or whatexactly?

App Information Attack on flog

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    Attack on flog
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    October 19, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Yamaoh Games
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Yamaoh Games
Welcome to darkness island, Fantasia.Only one thing that you shoulddiscover legendary weapon 'FantasyMaster', then you prove yourstrength!!From me to try to present the magic amulet to you.Now,starting on an adventure after preparing in the town!This is theRPG game that will become the speedrun elements.This game is"personal development", please use for the breather.It is not arespectable content such as games such as certain game company, butI plan to the version up little by little.▼Translation projectIfyou modify English in this game,please check source data,and up togithub or send me e-mail modifydata.http://github.com/yamaoh/first▼wiki(Japanese)http://seesaawiki.jp/fantasymaster/▼Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/Fantasymasterrpg-1029418480499887/?fref=ts▼Systemrequirements・Android4.1.x-▼ How· Basically just to touch on eachscreen. In adventure scene, move to the right when you touch thescreen right half, and move to the left when you touch the screenhalf left.· Game over when HP is lost. By the reincarnation, youcan take over the ability of the previous adventurer. However,since equipment loses, please recovered to go to the place wherethe previous adventurer fell. You can recover only weapon you haveequipped. · By strengthening the magic amulet, you will plentystrongly.· Currently, you can play up to 10 area.· If you noticestrange English in this app, Please teach me. I'll correct it.
宇宙戦艦物語RPG 0.8.3 APK
Yamaoh Games
キミは宇宙の深淵に辿り着く事が出来るか?地球の危機を救うため、戦艦に乗り込んで強大な銀河帝国を打倒するやり込みSTG+RPGゲームです。宇宙戦艦で地球を出発し、銀河帝国打倒を目指してください。 本作は以下のようなシステムになっています。 ▼ゲームの流れ1.地球で情報収集し、装備を整える 2.マップで出撃先を選択 3.戦闘で各ステージの最後のボスを撃破4.戦利品を取得して、地球で戦艦を強化 ▼やり込み要素 ・階級の昇進 ・様々な兵種のレベルアップ ・新戦艦の開発 ・艦種の熟練度上昇・新たな兵器・機関の開発 ・地球のレベルアップ ・サポートAIの強化 ▼戦闘シーンの操作・通常、戦艦は直進のみで動かせませんが、単艦突破モードでは操作可能です ・照準を動かし、主砲・副砲・弾幕を打って敵を撃破して下さい・AUTOボタンにより、敵を自動的に照準します ・AUTOボタンを押しておけば、ある程度の放置プレイも可能です・「+」、「-」ボタンにより、画面の拡大、縮小が出来ます ・出撃前に艦隊を整備する事により、味方艦が一緒に出撃します・艦載機があれば、出撃させる事が出来ます ▼その他、注意事項・電話番号のアクセス権限については、開発で利用しているツールがOSの判別をする為に利用しており、他の用途では一切使用しておりません・Android4.1以降でテスト確認 ・端末確認は一種類でのみ行っています ▼公式wikihttp://seesaawiki.jp/spacebattleshipstory/ ▼公式動画http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWt-GYyNKLWY66rcB3AJPHw?view_as=subscriber▼関連動画 ・宇宙戦艦物語RPGガ星上空戦 http://youtu.be/4_lopDDHA_M ・宇宙戦艦物語RPG単艦突破モード http://youtu.be/SxXzdVx_080 ・宇宙戦艦物語RPG 人工惑星ディアスポラ紹介http://youtu.be/iAd7sVbm50k
Space Battleship Story RPG 0.8.4 APK
Yamaoh Games
Can you reach the center of the Galacy? This game is a STG + RPG 2Dgame. Please leave the earth with a SpaceBattleship and aim for theGalactic Empire to overthrow. This game has become the system asfollows. ▼ Game flow 1. Collect information on the Earth andarrange the ship weapon. 2. Choose ally ships and carrier-basedships. 3. Select a sortie destination on the space map. 4. Defeatthe flagship of each stage in battle. 5. Strengthen SpaceBattleshipand your job skills. ▼ Game point · Promotion of class in HQ. ·Level up of various weapons. · New battleship development. · Skillrise of ship type. · Level up of the Earth level · Strengthensupport AI chips. ▼ Battle scene operation ·The SpaceBattleship goto only a straight line. ·Move the aim and destroy the enemy byhitting main,sub,barrage weapons. ·Automatically aim the enemy withthe AUTO button. ·'+' and '-' buttons enable you to enlarge orsmall the screen. ·By maintaining the fleet before the sortie, theally ships will sort out together. ·If you have a carrier-basedships, you can make it sortie. ▼ Other notes ·We use Googleservices for translation from Japanese to English. ·Testconfirmation with Android 5.0 or later. ▼ Official wiki(Japanese)http://seesaawiki.jp/spacebattleshipstory/ ▼ Official movieshttp://youtu.be/87JfbOi2oUIhttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWt-GYyNKLWY66rcB3AJPHw?view_as=subscriber※ This work is still going to do additional development yet
Attack on Frog2 0.1.2 APK
Yamaoh Games
Mr Frog is the journey of a new adventure! ! Suddenly one day,Dragon attacked a peaceful frog kingdom, went kidnapping frogprincess. In order to rescue the princess frog, Mr Frog wanderingwill advance with the aim of Dragon Castle. The stage all 8 stage,Mr Frog or will be able to rescue the princess frog safely? ▼ Howto Play ・Attack Frog attack it and step on the enemy characterbasically. Some characters that can not defeat some. ・Stage ClearPlease proceed to the right. It is clear to have a boss in eachstage, and defeat. ・Game Over It will be restarted from thebeginning of the stage remaining number of frog is reduced, incontact with the enemy character, and may fall into the hole. It isgame over screen the remaining number of frog when there are nomore, but you can retry.・Items In each stage, Kinobar (power-up),child frog (1up) is hidden. You should remember the place you find.・Pad Frog will move. Left, right uses only. · A button Jump. Afteryou have a hold down the A when I stepped on the enemy character,and a large jump. · B button Dash and fire (When power-up).
Yamaoh Games
This app is FANTASY MASTER without Advertisement version.Pleasepurchase after try the free version.
誕生日記録&チェッカー 1.0.6 APK
Yamaoh Games
Counter Characters Notepad 2002.0.0 APK
Yamaoh Games
It is a light,simple Notepad. It is convenient to write a littlenote to write quickly, record quickly, because it is also displayedrecording time. I think that you want to display vertical writingnotes that you entered as well as it may, that it can use to alsograb the image, such as poetry and haiku. The main features are asfollows. 1.Memo function 2.Memo Search 3.Color-coded function ofnote (9 colors) 4.Automatic number of characters in the input note,automatic line count *(Can be changed the number of characters inlength × width settings) automatic document count the number ofsheets 5.Character size change of note 6.Horizontal in the browsingmode, vertical display (※) 7.Note, in all browsing mode, can bedisplayed at one time all the notes 8.Note, in all browsing mode,display mode of the original paper frame 9.Password lockfunction10.font-family change function11.text data out funciton※operation check in Android4.1
Schedule Calendar(SUKECARE) 0.3.6 APK
Yamaoh Games
Would you like to collect schedules,todo list,record of money inthis app?We'll send you updates with this application managementcalendar, schedule, TODO, age, time period, money, (as householdaccount book, pocket money book), management is enabled.I havedevised the screen can be seen plan of the month calendar at aglance especially .The function of a student for such as settingthe time limit has been aligned .Because it will continue toimprove still , thank you by all means if you have any request!▼CalendarSwitching of list format and calendar format is possible.In calendar format , scheduled for the month to be able to graspat a glance , you can display on the screen all the time andappointments in particular .Because it can be changed by settingthe what is displayed on the screen , please try to adjust it asyou like .In Japanese mode , holidays are also displayed .You cancheck Lapsed days,Japanese calendar,Day,EarthlyBranches,Zódiac,Rokuyou.▼ ALL scheduleShow the list are registeredas a schedule , a schedule of all .Search as it may be , it isuseful to check the schedule of their own .▼ Setting titleIt ispossible to keep the register titles , the titles will be availablefor selection in the schedule time of registration .You canregister meeting , business trip , early shift , late shift andclass name , if a company employee , if a student , theregistration of the plan will be easy .▼ Setting periodIt is afunction of the students , it is possible to be registered to 1-9Period that time and timed .It will also be possible to select toschedule the time of registration , time will be set automaticallywhen you select a time period .Once you have registered the timeperiod that you want to use well with other students , that anytime from time selection will be easy .▼ Setting HolidayHolidaysetting of its own possible with a name and date.▼ TODO You need toassign TODO, it is displayed on the calendar, it is possible tounderstand clearly what you need to do by when.▼ Function screenSuch as changing screen theme selection and language selection,font size of the calendar is available.▼ Password lock function Igo to the password setting screen from the upper right of thescreen function. By setting a password, you will need the passwordwhen you start the application. Also, if you forget, pleasereinstall the application. ※ Please note that data will beinitialized.▼ Money management By registering the deposit,withdrawal and the date and items, you can check the balance ofpayments and the total. Since there is an item with the date thesearch criteria, the calculation of the balance of payments can bemonthly any, for each item of your choice. The year, month, day,itemized summary is also available.I can be used, for example,household account book, book allowance and sales management alongwith the schedule confirmation.▼ Web Link It is possible to keeptrack of favorite Web sites. You can register summarizes theinformation of the site that you forget about, you can launch thebrowser directly from this app.※ operation check above, inAndroid4.1※ Please contact us if you have any feature requestsadded. If possible we will support !※ This App is free.※ privilegesthat are required to install , it does not engage in other than toaccess to (nend) advertising page .